Shipwrecks of Bonaire, the american brig William and Ezra stranded in Manparia Goetoe, 1825

The american Brig William & Ezra stranded on Manparia Goetoe’s on the 21st of January 1825.

The William & Ezra was a merchant vessel. The inventory of the cargo was established on the 22nd of January by the second superintendant J.C.W Weygel: Meat, Cheese, Tabacco, Cotton and Wood.

The goods were stored in a tent and then shipped to Curacao. De Brot will later write a brief note about other goods recovered from the brig, among them were a piano, 3 mirrors and 92 barrels of powder.

The wreck of the William & Ezra was dismantled by the roaring waves, people took of it what they could until the sea decided otherwise.

The report from Lloyd’s in 1825, February the 10th: The Willam & Ezra, Bos, provenance from Curacao, was totally lost on the south Coast of Bonaire; crew saved.

The William & Ezra, Boss, from hence for Curacao, was totally lost 11th ult. on the S.E. point of Bonaire ; Crew saved. (1969 - Lloyd’s List – Volume 1825 – Page 13)

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