Bonaire, Marine Park, Tourism, Environmental Changes, Impacts and Mitigation, 2012

Abstract from: Tourism and Climate Change: Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation, 2012. By Daniel Scott, Michael Hall and Stefan Gössling

…”In the caribbean region, a survey of tourists to the islands of Barbados and Bonaire found that under a severe scenario, where ‘beaches largely disapeared’, 43 percent would be unwilling to return to Bonaire, which is known as a dive tourism destination and where beaches are not the primary tourism asset (Uyarra et Al. 2005)…

The pollution of water bodies and outbreak of species perceived as harmful or aesthetically unpleasant are likely to affect tourist perceptions (Nilsson and Gössling, 2012). Insects including beetles, ticks and mosquitoes can be a nuisance to recreationists…

Rising population of harmful species such as Jellyfish may prevent bathing or swimming activities, or negatively affect experiences of these activities…

In the case of algual blooms, water quality can be negatively affected, which can be perceived as an aesthetic problem or health hazard. Although the reasons for outbreaks of marine pests are complex, anthropogenic environmental change in the form of pollution, eutrophication, ocean acidification and global warming is seen as an underlying factor (Galil et Al. 2010)”…

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