Bonaire, Salt Trade, Red Slave, White Slave, A Visual History of the Slave Houses, 1642-1850

Slave Cabins

The Slave Houses one can observe on the southern coast of Bonaire were built in 1850. They have been used until the 1950′s and were restored very recently (circa 2000). Both the houses of Red Slave and White Slave were built using Lime to cover the walls.





Stone Slave Huts

Further on the south coast, in the direction of Sorobon are the remains of the Slave huts prior to 1850. They have the same design of a Kunuku house, the roof is thatched. It is actually more a field of stone but we did recompute one ruined house.




Mud Slave Huts

Prior to the Stone huts were the Mud huts. The house is made of dried mud, topped with a thatched roof. This a draft of a 3D hut to give you an idea of what looked like the first slave house of Bonaire.






©2012 Olivier Douvry/GlobeDivers

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