Bonaire, History, Salt Trade, Curaçoan Salt, Salt Pans Timeline, 1650-1868

Awa Di Suid, [Water of the south] (located at Pekelmeer according to J. Hartog/ In fact around Blauwe pan cf 1828 chart of Bonaire): Commandeur Kock instructions, 1756. Established since the 1650′s.

Oranje Pan (Pedro Kelly/Péliké): Van Uytrecht, 1819-1821.

Witte Pan (Cabaljé): circa 1838.

Blauwe Pan (The old pan, Van Uytrecht): Van Raders, 1840.

Slachtbaai: circa 1868.

Slaves huisjes: circa 1850.

Other Salt Pans: after 1868.

Obelisks and land markers: since 1820.

Dykes: Since 1807.

©2012 Olivier Douvry/GlobeDivers

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